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🇬🇧 How to Propose to your Boyfriend?

We live in the 21st century, please don’t come talking about society norms, women can also propose to their man.

Keep reading to know the differences and learn some of our inside tricks!

According to an Irish tradition that St. Patrick established in the 19th century, women are allowed to propose marriage to their men on February 29th, that is, in leap years. But, if Sandra Bullock was able to ask Ryan Reynolds to marry her in 2009 in "The Proposal" movie, who is to stop us today?

If you’ve already read our post on when to propose, and you feel it’s the right moment of the relationship to do so, why wait for the him to ask you for marriage?

We are proud to say that our proposals include love of all kinds: from the most traditional to the craziest, romantic and adventurous requests, heterosexual and same sex, and of course women who propose to their man.

Just as we empower all declarations of love, there are some points that should be assessed before proposing to your boyfriend.

He may have grown up in a family with deep traditional values ​​and therefore believes that he should be the one to propose to you, so maybe he can feel a little violent if you decide to take the step.

You may have been dating for a while and so you feel ready to take the next step to marriage, have you considered that he may also be thinking of proposing to you anytime soon? Subtly, tell him how happy you are to share your life with him and ask him how he feels about your relationship. If you notice a somewhat nervous attitude, perhaps you should be cautious and wait to see what happens. That doesn’t mean that your proposal would be less special or romantic, but if he’s already preparing something, it would be a pity to break the spell.

If you’ve evaluated the situation and feel it’s show time, let's look at different ways on how to propose to your man.

First question, we know, a ring? If your boyfriend wears jewelry on a daily basis, you can opt for this. Just bear this in mind: when picking up the ring, think it must be a piece that doesn’t look too much like a wedding ring, as these will arrive on the wedding day :)

Many ladies go for a watch, a perfect option as there are options for all budgets and it is a daily use object, so he will always have you in mind when checking the time! You can engrave the date and your name on the back, making it even more personal.

If your man doesn’t wear a watch because he feels it’s uncomfortable, or his work requires him to dress with suite on a daily basis, another option could be getting him some cufflinks. It’s a very elegant and masculine piece, and just like watches, there are within a large range of prices.

Another of the big questions that we get often is: do I have to kneel? In one of our posts we explained where the gesture of bending the knee to propose comes from, and about whether or not you should do it, it’s only to you to decide; it is a traditional gesture, but not including it doesn’t make it a less romantic proposal.

Us girls like to comment and share plans and experiences with those around us, so remember that this should be a surprise and you should keep it a secret to keep the magic; if you need to talk about this great moment, here we are!

Prepare yourself for compliments and criticism from third parties, remember we live in a world where everyone likes to say their thing. From our side we will only tell you: GO FOR IT, TIGER!

Dare, and let's organise a proposal for your man that you will never forget!


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