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🇬🇧 Engagement Proposal with Singer in Barcelona

They say a picture says more than a 1,000 words; well, a song can make you feel a 1,000 emotions!

Here’s the story of Faraz and Nadia, a Portuguese couple who flew to Barcelona just for 24 hours to have their magical engagement proposal including a live singer performing one of their favourite songs.

When Faraz contacted us first, his voice was all giggles and love words. He’s a busy man who needs to put a lot of hours into work and travels frequently, but he wanted to make sure Nadia received a romantic proposal while he kept stress free and without having to worry about the details of tailoring all the elements together. Well, he hit the right spot!

In our first call, our fiancé-to-be mentioned he wanted to have music in his proposal, can you think of a better option than a live singer during the engagement? We walked through the doubts such as if we should use a female or male voice and picking the song, and then chose the best singer for the occasion, Carmen Porcar.

Then, location. They flew all the way from Lisbon just for his proposal, so having a good view of Barcelona was a must. The plan was to have lunch, have a nice walk outdoors and then go down and bend the knee. So we were looking for a delicious restaurant with a stunning view, and where they would be able to walk just outside. Tricky? Not for us! The restaurant Studio Miramar at Hotel Miramar in Montjuic was the right pick for the occasion.

At The Engagers we take care of everything; our concierge prepared a list of hotels and restaurants to book according to the requirements of our groom-to-be, making their stay even easier. In their case there was not much free time, so we suggested enjoy and stroll the city instead of planning activities during their city escape.

Faraz tricked Nadia to accompany him to Barcelona for a business meeting. The couple landed on Friday evening, and checked in to the hotel in the Eixample area and enjoyed dinner at a restaurant with local food.

On Saturday, they walked around the city center, not missing the beautiful area of Passeig de Gracia and the architecture buildings by Gaudí such as La Pedrera.

At lunch time, they took a taxi which took them up to the hotel Miramar. The restaurant and staff were well informed about the big occasion, and we took care of ensuring the best table for their meal. Our cameraman sneaked into the eating area and captured the lovely couple enjoying their meal.

Once they finished their meal, they walked down the stairs to the beautiful gardens where a member of the staff handed Nadia a closed envelope. She was extremely surprised and didn’t understand anything. Once she opened it and found a 1 euro coin and a letter which said:

“Walk north and use this coin to explore Barcelona”

They strolled around the gardens, secretly followed by our cameraman until they reached the sightseeing area and found a prismatic column and inserted the coin.

While Nadia was concentrated looking for something she didn’t even know through the prismatic our singer, who pretended to be a tourist enjoying the view, started singing “La vie en Rose once she received Faraz’s signal. It was show time.

Nadia turned around, and found a Faraz with a love melting face, he declared his love and dropped the knee to propose marriage to her. No doubt she said yes!

The couple celebrated the moment cheering with champagne and joy.

Nadia couldn’t believe everything her now fiancé had organised to propose to her, and was even happier when she knew everything was captured on video and she’d be able to see it all over again and share it with her friends and family.

Do you want to see it too? Don’t miss the video below!

We can’t be happier for this lovely couple and wish them a life full of love and joy!


The Engagers

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