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Find below our way of working and the 3 types of services we offer, remember that we also have closed packages for all pockets.

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We turn your dream into reality

1. Pleased to Meet You

All our proposals are unique and personalised, adapted to the needs and particularities of each couple. Therefore, before starting to create your bespoke proposal and all its details, it is important that we meet in person or have a video conference, to get to know you, your partner, interests and your story.

2. Creation

Our team will create ideas around your relationship and story, which one by one will add an unforgettable experience for your engagement proposal. We will share and confirm with you all the steps of the plan always in a scheduled and discreet manner not to raise any suspicion, after all, we are planning the biggest surprise of your life!

3. The Day and The Proposal

When the day comes you will have absolutely nothing to worry about, everything will be organised, we will be there to make sure everything works perfectly with no last minute surprises, so you can concentrate on enjoying this day as much as your partner.

Did you know according to a Wall Street Journal report, an average of 150 hours
(that's over 6 days non-stop) of work to plan and produce an event?


The Engagers will: 

  • Conduct the necessary research and investigations

  • Create original and personalised ideas

  • Design an unforgettable proposal

  • Organise food, decor and entertainment

  • Order and supervise the prints and photography

  • Plane transport

  • Book accommodation and upgrades

  • Hire the necessary personnel

  • Coordinate team activities

  • Supervise on site

  • Asses in choosing jewellery according to her/his preferences

  • Save time and money in providers

  • Always available for you and your doubts

  • Adjust to your budget and goals

Most of our services are for people who want to organise their Engagement Proposal in Barcelona, ​​but our ideas can be applied wherever you please.

Have a look our Proposal Packages starting at 325€ or send us an e-mail to and we will send you all the options and rates

with no obligation. 

The Ideas Lab

· Video or phone call with you to get to know you and hear about your love story

· 3 Creative 100% personalised proposals to execute on your own


· No further costs


· Time of delivery is up to 5 days from request


If you want to organise your own proposal but  find it hard to come up with a special proposal this is your plan.

We’ll help you generate ideas you’ll be able to organise everything by yourself.

Perfect for people all around the world who are stressing to create a special proposal.

The Planner

· Video-call or phone call with you to get to know you and hear about your love story


· We listen to your ideas and prepare a made to measure plan to execute with selected providers covering all budgets and ensuring quality


· We recommend two weeks ahead to ensure availability of all professionals 



300€ *

You’ve already been thinking how you want to propose but don’t know how to do it.

With our expertise and professional team we’ll work on a A to Z plan to organise everything and ensure a perfect proposal.

Ideal for people with short time to plan, little in expertise in events, or willing to propose in a city they don't know.

The Concierge

· Face to face, video-call or phone call with you to get to know you and hear about your love story

· Creation of bespoke proposal ideas along with a perfectly detailed execution plan with top quality providers


· On site presence for help and supervision

600€ *

This includes arranging everything.

From generating unlimited ideas to a perfect plan preparation, creating back up plans, and having The Engagers staff on-site for support and supervision.

You’ll only need to kneel (or jump from the helicopter!) and pop the question.

* Planning service fee. Costs of extra materials and externally hired professionals according to your requirements & needs to be added. VAT excluded

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