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🇬🇧 Why do we bend the knee to propose?

You've probably seen it in hundreds of movies and you may have crossed with this big moment in the street. But, have you ever thought of why do people kneel when asking their partner for marriage?

Already since kids we relate this gesture to a demonstration of love, but ¿where does it come from?

It’s a gesture that comes from the Medieval Era, when the subjects demonstrated respect and fidelity to their lord and aristocracy by bending the knee and doing a reverence. ¿Rings a bell for the Game of Throne followers?

Being a highly hierarchical and masculine period, bending the knee in front of a woman was a sign of submission, where the man demonstrated handing his heart and promised monogamy.

Maybe it can be thought as a derived gesture from religious devotion, as in most of cultures and religions praying and praising is done kneeling. In marriage proposals only one knee is bended, which maybe was not to equal or underestimate the respect for God; or maybe it’s related to the high weight of the armour, as it would be very hard to stand again.

One way or another, it’s a gesture still very present to date and relate to romanticism. So much that most of proposals include it automatically, and when it comes the time to share the news, you will probably hear the question “¿Did he bend the knee?”.

What do you think of this tradition? Was it or would you like it to be present in your proposal?

If you are still deciding if proposing, we recommend you to read our posts about the aspects to evaluate before popping the big question.


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