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In our previous post we talked about the different options for when to propose, but before doing so we must have meditated about it and be convinced that it is the right time to do it.

Let's see the different points and signs to take into account to evaluate if it is the right time to declare our love and ask “Will you marry me?”

There comes a time in relationships where love takes you to cloud nine and one of the two, usually the man, decides to propose to formalize their relationship and take it a step further.

Let's see the various aspects to consider before proposing.

How do you know if it is time to propose?

1. Your relationship

Think, what point is your relationship at? Here we should not confuse it with how long you have been together, but rather if your relationship is at the right point of maturity and ready to take such a step. There are couples who move faster than others, and in less than a year they can feel ready and comfortable to make that decision, while others prefer to wait longer.

We should not confuse the duration of our relationship with its status

Do you fully know your partner? Have you seen each other in all the situations that life puts us in? Periods of joy and happiness are easy to deal, but we must feel that person supports us in moments of weakness either for work reasons, personal achievements that we may have not reached, perhaps distancing with a friend, or even going through an rough time with a family member. Feeling that person listens to you, cares for you, advises you, and even senses that something happens without the need of you to tell anything, shows that he/she loves and knows you well. At the same time, you have to look inside and see how you behave towards each other when discussions may occur between you two, from the silliest disagreement to a serious confrontation. It may be that both of you have strong characters and a lot of pride, but love should not let you distance because of not talking about it.

Trust is one of the strong pillars in all relationships, and just as it means being able to share and talk about anything with each other, is also means being yourself without having to pretend anything so the other person "likes" you more.

2. Your Families and Friends

We all have a circle around us formed by the people we love most, and as we say in Spain "God creates them, and they come together." It means it’s likely that our beliefs and opinions resemble with those of our circle, but it doesn’t always have to be so.

Sometimes we get blinded by love, and even if we don’t like/want it at some point, we must listen to our circle, what do they think of your girlfriend/boyfriend? Your family and friends are always going to care for your own good and happiness, so listen to them. If one person is not the biggest fan of your partner, that’s fine, but if the vast majority thinks that you should turn page and keep looking for love... Let's say, well, maybe you should.

It’s also important that you feel comfortable with your in laws and her/his friends, so take time to get to know them and them to know you.

3. Your economy and professional life

No, we are not going for "money doesn't bring happiness", but we need to take in consideration the economic and professional situation of both. If one of the two is paying off debt for studies, has a mortgage that won’t allow her/him to sleep, or is in an unstable situation at work, maybe it won’t be the best time to consider a wedding. However, if you want to declare your love and compromise, what you can do is propose and talk openly about postponing the wedding celebration for later.

4. Watch and Listen

Just as we reach that moment where one buys the ring and proposes, it may be that the other reaches the point where she/he expects that moment to arrive.

Pay attention to whether you are receiving comments lately about "how much she/he likes princess-cut diamond rings", "that she/he would love to go to Bali for a honeymoon", or that "on her/his wedding day she/he would like to have a photocall made with fresh flowers". Does this ring a bell? How do you feel and what’s your reaction? Maybe you prefer to change the subject, or maybe imagining the day of your wedding makes you smile, and it's time to contact The Engagers!

We hope this small checklist has helped you to address the situation, and soon we can help you plan an unforgettable proposal in Barcelona!


The Engagers

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