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Many people wonder when’s the best time to propose to their loved one: Spring? Summer? A special date for the couple? A holiday festivity? New year’s eve? Let’s go over the different options.

We have to say we are believe in Love, and Love manifests itself 365 days a year, so we swear for it in the Summer breeze, Autumn colors, Winter cosy days, and Spring blossom.

Ever wondered when do most of people propose? Well, around 40% of proposals occur from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, all the way through Christmas. People want to share this moment with the whole family, and due to globalisation and labor duties, many live abroad from they hometown, meaning Christmas festivities are a good date to be able to share the news with the family in the get-togethers.

Others prefer doing it during a special date for the couple, such as the anniversary, the day they met, or one's birthday; re-strengthening the importance of that date (and might make it easier to remember for the clueless 😉).

We also have proposers-to-be who rather do it on a random day to get the extra surprise effect; or the ones who pic a day because they like how it sounds or looks like, such as a palindrome date, where the date reads equal one way or the other e.g. 12.11.12.

Sometimes tight schedules at work, family duties, social life and others, might not leave us with the freedom to decide when to propose, and we'll have to decide based on "availability"; not making it less romantic!

When organising and working on your own, depending on your plan, it can happen that due to climate reasons, last-minute changes or unexpected happenings, your proposal might have to change minimally or even be post-poned.

Us, The Engagers, we will review everything in the plan from top to bottom, leaving nothing to chance and having plans B for all the potential risks that could happen, ensuring your magical proposal moment.

We want you to feel calm, with everything under control and just looking forward to see her/him glowing a love and surprise expression.

So, our recommendation? Just go for it whenever you feel the spark and your heart tells you. There is no right or wrong on when saying "I love you", asking "Will you Marry me?", and putting a ring on it!

Still wondering when would be best to propose? Get in contact and we will help you!


The Engagers

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