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🇬🇧 ¿How to choose the engagement ring?

When thinking of a proposal we picture a moment full of excitement and emotion, and the gesture that comes to mind is undoubtedly handing the ring as a symbol of commitment. But, how do you choose the perfect proposal ring?

Many of the proposers we help, find this process a critical moment, and that's when they ask us "How do I choose the ring for my proposal?"

To begin, let us clarify that a large part of society confuses the proposal ring, the engagement ring, and the wedding band or ring; all different, each one has its meaning and its moment.

The proposal ring is the one handed at the time of asking for marriage, the one that comes with the big question “Will you marry me?” and bending the knee as we already explained in a previous blog post.

Once determined to propose, the first thing to choose will be the style of the ring. Each bride has a style, and therefore there are rings of all shapes and colors. The jewel will always accompany the bride, so we must make sure we know her style and get it right. For this we will ask: How does she dress? What kind of jewelry does she wear? Does she actually wear jewelry on a daily basis? Maybe she has already given you some hints..?

Having analysed this, we will choose one ring or another. The most common shapes are the solitaire (a gold band with a diamond) and the band of diamonds (with a series of smaller diamonds placed in a row).

Once you've picked the shape of the ring, it's time to chose the gem will. More and more brides are choosing different types of gemstones outside the traditional brilliant-cut diamond. Nature gives us a whole rainbow of precious stones covering all colors, which can be carved in countless ways.

The tradition of the engagement ring being mounted with diamonds is because the diamond is the highest valued precious stone and also the hardest material, so it has infinite durability; linking with the meaning of the ring and the oath of marriage commitment. Who doesn't remember Shirley Bassey singing "Diamonds are forever" for the 007 movie in 1971?

At the moment of purchasing, it is very important to do it in a jewelry store where they hand you a quality certificate which states the category of the gem according to the requirements and standards of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and/or HRD ( Gemological Institute of Antwerp).

You will see the "4Cs" that classify the quality of diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

Keep in mind that the value of diamonds is not proportional but exponential among carats, due to the difficulty of finding a larger one with the same characteristics.

The vast majority of rings are mounted in white gold since it shines more than silver, and yellow or pink gold don't allow the diamond to radiate so much light and consequently shine less.

As for the budget on how much to spend on the engagement ring there is a great disparity of ideas. There are those who want to invest a personal fortune in the ring and there are those who see it as a mere symbol and prefer to invest the money in something else.

Tradition says that the value of the ring must be the equivalent to two monthly salaries of the person who hands it.

Having said that, we must be consistent with the circumstances and assess aspects such as the financial situation at the moment. If there is fear of "falling short in the diamond size" we will give you a trick that works very well and is used a lot: if you opt for a solitaire, choose one wrapped in a halo of smaller diamonds; optically it will look larger than if it was suspended by itself in the ring, and the cost will be much lower than a larger stone!

We hope to have helped you with this article to chose the perfect ring for your proposal. If you want further tips to choose the ring, or need help to prepare an unforgettable proposal in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us!


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